Our Organization

Takfik Namati founded on the vision of one man who wanted to help the disabled and less fortunate. A man who would understand the hurdles and perils of living a disabled life, be it physically or mental.  A man who’s vision was far beyond his physical realm because he himself was blind,  Dr. Nazih Rezk.

When did it start?

Takfik Namati has started back in 2012 when its first headquarters was established in California, USA
Seeing its great services success in the USA, in 2013, Dr Rezk has decided to establish the Middle East headquarter in Egypt to provide the same type of services for all the disabled people in the region.

By the disabled for the disabled

Takfik-Namati has been formerly instigated by a group of disabled people aiming to serve and support the disabled. They have established the foundation with their own efforts, fund and skills. They had full confidence on their abilities and determination that gave them the hope and ambition that have been manifested in their exceptional results.

Dr Rezk modeled Takfik Namati seeking the rights of the disabled, educating individuals from schools to technical qualifications, integrating them into the main stream society.

Takfik Namati Co-operating with Houses of Worship belonging to the Egyptian State, & with the universities, governmental services, social institutions & hospitals, In serving people with special needs in different spheres: Such as preparing buildings with facilities for mobility, introducing programmes & methods much more to the point, spiritually, socially & personally alike, for helping them & dealing with them, & for habilitating their ministers so as to be psychologically able to understand the handicapped & to deal with them.

Motivating Houses of Worship & also all the State Bodies to benefit from all cadres of people with disabilities, whether men or women. That would include all activities; whether social, political or educational… In everything; whatever Body they come out of: Houses of worship or any other corporation belonging to the State, & correcting the attitude of the society as a whole towards people with special needs.

Designing courses for training individuals who are in contact with people with disabilities, whether in schools, universities or any workplace, as well as training people with disabilities to deal with other individuals who have not yet learned how to deal with them

The channel will try to get scholarships for excellent students, of all educational levels, from universities in several countries all over the world.

Finding jobs for people with disabilities that suit, and make use of, their education and talents.

Cooperating with Egyptian institutes, churches, universities, hospitals and governmental and social organizations to help people with disabilities, via designing buildings in a way that renders moving in easy for them, creating special spiritual and social syllabi for them, and helping them work and develop their community, educationally, socially and politically

The channel will resist any body or institution that exploits people with disabilities, instead of rendering them due services.

People with disabilities are about 17% of the Egyptian population, approximately 16 millions  of about 95 millions.

The crew at Takfik Namati has a heart  for serving the disabled, raising their   awareness and presenting them and their problems to the community. Whether you deal with the disabled or not, kindly follow us to recognize our special talents, and light the way before us via giving us hope.

Takfik Namati also aims at transmitting the word of God and enlightening humans who consider themselves weak.