Objectives to serve people with disabilities in Egypt and the Middle East include social, educational, and health goals. The focus is on integrating disabled individuals into society, providing education and employment opportunities, promoting literacy, offering training courses, securing healthcare and rehabilitation, and providing scholarships for people with special needs.

Social Objectives:

  • Our Vision seeks to provide the disabled with what they can make use of during the long live learing experiences. we aim to challenge and motivate our disabled people so that they may gain self-confidence. we hope to transfer our disabled people into strong and respectable citizens who contribute faithfully to their society and help them to obtain the rights which was approved by the United Nations in Egypt and other countries in the middle east
  • Educating individuals from schools to technical qualifications, integrating them into the mainstream society.
  • Providing real jobs for people of special needs, each according to his-her specialization; so as to be helpful for their Country & society.
  • Establishing many projects to serve the people with disabilities
  • Spreading the word of God widldy and enlightening humans who consider themselves weak.
  • Engage them in all levels of appropriate education for their ages and circumstances.
  • Demand the official governments to secure them a free, or reasonably affordable healthcare and rehabilitation climate with generous subsidies for all their needs.
  • Demand the official governments to allow the distinguished and qualified disabled people to take on leading and high-ranking positions.
  • Co-operating with Houses of Worship belonging to the Egyptian State, with the universities, governmental services, social institutions and hospitals, In serving people with special needs in different spheres: Such as preparing buildings with facilities for mobility, introducing programs ,modern methods much more to the point, spiritually, socially , personally alike, for helping them , dealing with them, for habilitating their leaders so as to be psychologically able to understand the handicapped and, to deal with them.
  • Motivating Houses of Worship , also all the State Bodies to benefit from all the cadres , leaders and trained people with disabilities, whether men or women. That would include all activities; whether social, political or educational, in everything, no matter what institution they come out of: Houses of worship or any other corporation belonging to the State and,we are trying to change and correct the vision and attitude of the society as a whole towards people with special needs.

The educational Objectives:

  • Presenting illiteracy courses, to promote and encourage individuals and determining their talents and potentials. Jaws courses for the blind (computers with screen readers) starting with children and up to all ages.
  • As for infants and children, the organization will direct them to schools and institutes, to link them with their society via institutes that support such integration, whether during their school or university education, in addition to creating chances for technical education for individuals who are not interested in joining the university education.
  • Helping disabled university graduates and holders of intermediate education certificates find jobs, as well as holding workshops to teach the uneducated people with disabilities certain crafts to increase their income and make use of their education and talents.
  • Takfik Namati is responsible for holding workshops to train the handicapped according to the disability of each on various works. That will be done for those who did not have the opportunity to continue education. Such a service will cover all fields of manual & industrial professions to guarantee spaces for labor opportunities.
  • Takfik Namati communicates with all universities & big institutions all over the world, in order to get scholarships for all people with special needs, each according to his-her specialization.
  • Provide postgraduate scholarships for the aspiring students through an effective coordination and collaboration with reputable universities worldwide.
  • Designing courses for training individuals who are in contact with people with disabilities, whether in schools, universities or any workplace, as well as training people with disabilities to deal with other individuals who have not yet learned how to deal with them.

Health Objectives:

  • Providing a healthy environment for the disabled, demanding health care programs, free prosthetic devices for them; as well as preparing families to correctly deal with any disabled member, as well as holding workshops for training individuals for dealing with the disabled.
  • Providing the Deaf with the means which enable them to complete their high education and their graduate studies.
    For, this topic is not easy for them in Egypt & in the Middle East as well, because many of the deaf people facing a lot of difficulties in Egypt , although they are excellent in studies, but do not have the opportunity of finding places at industrial schools, universities or post-graduate studies.