Our Services

By the grace of our Lord Jesus  “Takfik Namati”
 was established to serve and care for the physically challenged people with all types of disabilities. Act on their behalf, demand their legitimate rights and support them in all their aspects of life including health and education.

Education Support includes:

  • Schooling
  • Technical Education
  • Trade Skills
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Supporting small and huge bussiness projects

Health Support includes:

  • providing wheel chairs for the people in need
  • Canes for blind assist
  • paying for the expenses of the surgeries and hospitalisation services

Media Services:

Watch us on TV through the following Cable Companies from America, Canada, Australia, and Europe:

  • Magic TV Box Channel No. 410
  • Zaap Channel No. 443
  • TV Arabia Channel No. 430
  • Daap Channel No. 443
  • U.S. Nile Channel No. 70 or 69
  • Real Artabla El Play Channel No. 564
  • IB World TV Channel No. 410
  • GL Arab Channel No. 420
  • Maax TV Channel No. 443
  • Arabic TV Channel No. 365