Improving and developing skills for people with Disabilities

Takfik Namati founded on the vision of one man who wanted to help the disabled and less fortunate. A man who would understand the obstacles and difficulties of living a disabled life, be it physically or mentally. A man who’s vision was far beyond his physical realm because he himself is blind, Dr. Nazih Rezk.

What We Do

By the grace of our Lord Jesus “Takfik Namati” organization was established to serve and care for the physically challenged people with all types of disabilities, to assist and act on their behalf, demand their legitimate rights and support them in all their aspects of life including health and education.

Our Founder
Dr. Nazih Rezk

Artist Dr. Nazih Rezk works hard to challenge and motivate the disabled to gain self confidence , contribute faithfully to their society ,and help them to obtain their rights in middle east to provide everyone from those who are physically challenged, on earth with thier dreams.

Supporting People with Disabilities

Takfik Namati with great pleasure and glarification  serving all kinds of the disabled and expand the service all over the world, raise their awareness and highlight their problems to the community and integrate them in the society.

Takfik Namati endeavor to extend their care to approximately 17% of the Egyptian population that are suffering from disabilities, around 18 million of about 105 million. …Explore More

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We serve disabled people, spreading the word of God ,and supporting who are in need.

Health Care

Healthcare Project for People with Disabilities: This project aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services to people with disabilities, including physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities

TNTV Promotion Video

TNTV tries to portray the very aspect of making changes in the life of the disabled

What We Do

An encouragement song for people with disabilities 

Takfik Namati does many art projects for people in need, and this is one of them

Provision and Supply

Just a few things supplied by Takfik Namati for the welfare of its community

Current & Completed Projects

Our current project focuses on providing support for people with disabilities, including initiatives such as facilitating marriages for those with disabilities, distributing essential equipment such as wheelchairs, organizing recreational events and providing generous aid. We have also implemented specific programs focused on sports for disabled people .

Future Projects

Establishing houses for the mentally weak people and visually impaired individuals.

Organizing Regular Trips and Celebrations for the Visually and Hearing Impaired and People with Disabilities:

Meeting the special needs of families with disabilities

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